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I needed "Closed Cell Foam" for my work. I searched online for a local store that carries it, results showed Grainger is a business that carries the item am looking for. Went to the store, asked for the item but the representative told me that they don't carry it in their warehouse, but they usually ship it in per customers request. I thought I didn't want to wait for shipping so I started looking into other options but could not find anything. I decided to call grainger and put an order through the phone. The representative asked if I wanted this to be shipped to the store and I go pick it up or directly to my house. I asked whats the difference, she said nothing. So I thought why ship it to the store, I'll just have it delivered to my house. Few days later the item arrived, but then I managed to locate a local store that carried the material I wanted in stock, so there is no need for the grainger item. I took the item back to grainger and asked for a refund, the process was straight forward and easy until I was shocked that the lady was completing my transaction telling me that they do not refund shipping charges, I asked why not, the representative did not have an explanation for why not. Then I told the lady that you guys if you had the item in stock then I wouldn't paid shipping charges and that if I wanted to return it I'd get my full money back, it is not my problem that you offer a product that you don't carry in stock, plus when I placed my order through the phone, the phone salesperson failed to tell me about the different option, she just said that there was no difference between shipping to store and to home. Turned out that shipping to the store is free, but shipping to your home was paid!!! My problem is that I was supposed to clearly let know of my options, plus in all cases, I should get my shipping money back because I took the item back to the store. One more thing, the lady at the store was clearly un-happy with me asking too many questions and trying to get a logical justification for why the shipping money won't be refunded. This is a clear example of poor customer service and rudness!


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Review about: Grainger Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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About the concealment in being "let know." I have received the same attitude, but when -- multiple times. attempted to confirm in how a listed item will be received.

When I pick it up. My confirmation of the item be asked, in addition to what I read of the website description.


Bin well over charged for all threaded rod 3/4 they charged me 45.00$ each 2 hours latter gone to Lowes picked up same 3/4 rod for 19.95$ thanks alot Grainger for great contractors pricing dechtinc.


this is ***... They refunded the money for the item but shipping cannot be returned. ***

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