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Grainger charges more than retail prices and if you ask for a better price they say no. If you are a 1st time buyer you pay extra. Managers stick to the lousy business model.

I found the same ladder both locally and and online for $150 - $200. cheaper. I could even buy it cheaper from the manufacturer. I told the sales manager Don, I was willing to pay $50. extra to buy from him local today but not $150. and he said "sorry". Grainger is huge there is no way selling at the retail price would be less money than what they paid for it.

I am so tired of these companies that do not want to be competitive and do not care about customer support. I understand the cost of doing business and overhead but more than that I understand if you *** of the client they go away and tell their friends.

Today Grainger lost my $50., who knows how much profit they lost from me over time... because I will never buy from them again.

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I agree on the grainger prices, Long time customers get the price change up, after a few months they crank the prices 30-40% after they get in the door and overload your stock. Throw the bums out they lie.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #641732

I cant even believe people by from them. Some of their pricing is double what you can buy elsewhere.

Big companies pay less and usually sell for less!!

Not Grainger. I dont know how they can sleep at night.

to jimmy Atlanta, Georgia, United States #652030

try Airgas. You can call me anytime...Chastity @ 678-417-5901 ext. 3023



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